A Cute Little Story

I don’t write very often so you probably didn’t know that I’m a sucker for sad stories. But not today! Today I’m done with my job early and I’m watching “The Long Distance Dissonance” – The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon Cooper finally proposed to Amy Farrah Fowler so I’m inspired to write a somewhat similar cute little story.

This story is about two girls who know each other for over 10 years. They’ve been inlove with each other for a long time too. And since they’re both girls inlove in an unforgiving world, they try to hide their feelings, run away from it, ruin each other, but it did not work. Three years ago, though, they accidentally hurt each other very badly where their resolution was to not talk to each other for over three years until recently. They started messaging each other again, but the other girl is working on a different country now, so let’s just say it’s a long distance relationship. It was working though, they have talked their differences and said their sorry’s about hurting each other. The other girl is going home in a few more months and so they promised each other that when she goes home, they will try and repair their relationship. But a few more months is still a long time for two hearts restless to belong. So they decided to count the days until they see each other again, but counting down the days seem to make the wait much longer. One day, an epiphany happened, they stopped counting and just agreed to call the big day “soon”. Soon they will unite, and maybe, just maybe, this time they aren’t afraid anymore of what they feel. Maybe this time, they will make it right with the feelings that will not die, a fire that can’t be put out.

But that wasn’t the cute story though… That was the reality that’s going on. The chatting everyday up until 3 am, the adjusting with each other’s time zones just so they could eat meals together, the virtual dates that seemed too hard to pull out. And long distance relationships seemed to be really difficult so they agreed to make believe. They agreed to pretend like they’re just living in the same city they named as Aurora (a name significant to both of them), doing different jobs, trying to date, and just trying to have normal lives. Like living in a John Green novel or in one of Harry Styles song.

Who knew that LDR could be this easy?

To be continued…