Focus Direct Inc. – Philippines Joined Masskara Festival


Bacolod City, Philippines is know for Masskara festival which takes place for 20 days from Oct. 1-20. It gives the people of Bacolod as well as the tourist a time to enjoy 20 days of merry making, beer drinking, and street partying. The term Masskara is coined from 2 words: mass meaning crowd and spanish word kara for face. It was coined by Ely Santiago, a painter, cartoonist, and cultural artist who devoted his show in his art of many faces of Negrenses overwhelmed with various crises. Today, Masskara Festival uses the symbol of smiling masks to depict the Happy Spirit of Negrenses despite of the difficulties.

Focus Direct Inc. an outsourced contact center of Focus Services, is located at 22nd street, Lacson which is where the street party is exactly located. During the hype of the festival, Focus Direct Inc. and it’s employees participated in the festivities. The management has it’s own Masskara Bay Making contest.

Masskara Bay Design Contest 004

Masskara Bay Design Contest 012

Masskara Bay Design Contest 006

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360

Friday night, Oct. 18, 2013, the employees wear masks and colorful costumes to join the street party outside with the beat of electro-dance music being played by different DJ’s on the big stage set up in the middle of the street. On the second day, a caravan of the different establishments on the City of Bacolod, Focus Direct Inc. also participated with it’s colorful float and it’s employees marching on the street, giving candies and other perks to the spectators. But the most fascinating event was the paint party held just outside the office of Focus. In these pictures, you will see how amazing the festival and how the employees joined the fun activities.

Day 1:

Outside Focus Direct Inc.

Coffee Break during Masskara

Day 1

Day 1- kae

Day 2:


Giving candies to kids2


Paint party with Cody and Landon

Focus Paint Party

And the Masskara continued till dawn. I think you can now guess what happened next morning after whole day of partying.

This just proves that engagement doesn’t just in the form of monetary payment or perks and incentives. Engagement in this particular event is when the management involves themselves with the employees activities. It’s nice to see that the Director down to its employees celebrates together.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.


The Method of Micro Pacing

The Water Gun Game

In the call center where I work, we try to build a good working relationship especially the relationship between the supervisor and their agents. We know that our closest link to the agents is their immediate superior and to empower our agents, we have to let their supervisors motivate them. We don’t want to judge the capacity of our people by just looking at the numbers (e.g. QA scores, AHT, service level, etc.). Gallup latest survey found employees who agreed that their supervisor focused on their strengths and personally motivates them, active disengagement fell dramatically to 1%. What’s more, nearly two-thirds 61% of these employees were engaged and only 38% are not engage. Whereas, those employees who are ignored by their supervisors, 51% are not engage, 40% are actively disengage, and only 2% are still engage employees. In the same manner, we believe that if we empower our agents to do better, the numbers that our software is giving us will be a lot more pleasing to look at.

Today, I’d like to talk about one way how we improve our agents performance. One responsibility that our supervisors play when they are on the calling floor is what we call “micro pacing.” Micro Pacing is managing the agents by every half-hour increment to maximize results. This is the process in which coaches can effect the now, or in other words, every hour of the day. This can be done in a variety of ways. Some include:

  • Set small hourly goals with each agent

  • Initial small hourly games with only a couple of individuals

The key to micro pacing is setting individual goals with agents. In goal setting, it is important to remember the following six steps:

  1. Create the Desire

    1. This is the great motivator that pushes people to achieve their goals

  2. Establish a Belief

    1. Help the agent believe without a doubt that they have the ability to achieve the goal

  3. Write it Down

    1. A good rule of thumb is this: until a goal is committed to paper, it is not a goal. Writing it down solidifies the goal.

  4. Analyze

    1. Help the agent determine where they are currently in regards to the goal, and determine what help they need to accomplish the goal.

  5. Set a Deadline

    1. Set the point when the goal can be accomplished.

  6. Follow-Up

    1. By following up with the individual regularly, it will help them remained focused on the goal so that they can accomplish it.

In addition to goal setting, Micro Pacing involves constant interaction with the agents. This interaction, though remaining professional, will help establish a fun energetic atmosphere that encourages high performance.

This means that supervisors don’t just sit in their stations looking at their computer screens with no human interaction to their agents. If you pay a visit to our calling floors, you will see supervisors roaming around, sitting beside the agent, doing side by side monitoring and coaching, and sometimes, you will even see supervisors laughing with the agents when they are avail. A good call center software that provides enormous real time performance data, with increased level of visibility is great for a call center. But if we don’t know how to interpret those data and make use of them, we still can’t improve our performance level and our productivity.

You might say that this work is too much for one supervisor managing several agents to finish. You might even think that maybe the stress level of our supervisors are higher than most. With all the reports they need to submit, all the agent metrics they need to monitor plus their own stats that they need to pass, I can say our supervisors are pretty busy than the most. However, since they are happy with what their doing, stress is not even at their vocabulary. I know this because I’ve been in the calling floor also and until now I’m still connected with my previous supervisors. I still attend to all those team-buildings even if I’m not at their team anymore. I must say, I’m quite a busy person too because those team-buildings and team night outs happen very often, almost every weekend or every day off. And we don’t care much if those events are company paid or not. In fact, I can’t call those trips as team-building but site-building because the attendees are not only from one team or one campaign. It’s always comprise of different people from different teams, different campaigns, from manager down to agent level. You can add to my schedule the chit chats with a cup of coffee. One of my supervisor before even volunteered to be my watcher when I was hospitalized even if I wasn’t on her team any longer.

Stress is always present wherever you go and whatever work you do. But if there’s also one thing that keeps on motivating me, that is here, I didn’t only find a job. I found real good friends, I found a family. Thanks to the “company culture” that we share, for teaching us that no matter how improved the technology we are using, good human interaction and good relationship with each other is still the best way to motivate us to do better. 

Where To Download Motivation?

There was once a friend who asked me, “where can I download motivation?” And I was like “what?” Then she told me about her experience at work saying that she is losing motivation because of so many things. She felt like she is not being appreciated at work, that her working environment wasn’t healthy anymore, and she experiences too much stress because of too much workload.

I don’t  know how to comfort her because at that time, I felt like I’m demotivated as well. But I couldn’t think of why I felt the same. When I’m at work, I’m happy because I have friends who are really funny. I don’t have to suffer from scheduled breaks, I have everything I need to do my job right, and people from our department always bring food which in my opinion is awesome because we don’t get hungry.

Me and my friend just sat beside each other, just thinking. We are very close friends so it wasn’t awkward at all. In fact, it gave me an opportunity to think about my current job and my current situation. I started evaluating myself. I’m a Sagittarius, and Sagittarius are very out going, fun-loving, but can also be easily bored. That’s when I started to realized that I was doing a routine job. It was always the same everyday and it feels like even if I close my eyes, I can do it almost perfectly. It would be nice for some maybe but not to me who likes to push myself to the limit.

I wasn’t demotivated because of bad management, or low incentive program, or because I’m stressed with the workload like the majority. I was demotivated because the job failed to challenge me. It didn’t satisfy my need to compete to myself and beat myself. The job wasn’t bad but it did not also gave me the reason to feel good about it or to feel good about myself. There was no personal growth.

My point is, not everyone feels happy or feels bad because of all the same reasons. Some ways are maybe good for other people but not for the rest. Pressure can be sickening to some but can also bring out the best in others. If you are in a managerial position, for me it would be best to know your subordinates  personally. Determine which approach can bring out the best and the worse in them. Listen to all those psychological approaches on how to build good relationship with colleagues but never forget to humanize your own approach.  Motivation can come in so many ways to different kind of personalities and try to celebrate diversity! It actually makes the world a lot more colorful.

We are who we are.