You know how some women are so proud to jump into the feminist bandwagon but is also quick to judge other women just because others’ actions don’t coincide with the morals they hold dear? Oh, I know a lot of them. One time, some of my co-workers are talking about this girl who is somehow […]

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A Cute Little Story

I don’t write very often so you probably didn’t know that I’m a sucker for sad stories. But not today! Today I’m done with my job early and I’m watching “The Long Distance Dissonance” – The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon Cooper finally proposed to Amy Farrah Fowler so I’m inspired to write a somewhat similar cute little story.

This story is about two girls who know each other for over 10 years. They’ve been inlove with each other for a long time too. And since they’re both girls inlove in an unforgiving world, they try to hide their feelings, run away from it, ruin each other, but it did not work. Three years ago, though, they accidentally hurt each other very badly where their resolution was to not talk to each other for over three years until recently. They started messaging each other again, but the other girl is working on a different country now, so let’s just say it’s a long distance relationship. It was working though, they have talked their differences and said their sorry’s about hurting each other. The other girl is going home in a few more months and so they promised each other that when she goes home, they will try and repair their relationship. But a few more months is still a long time for two hearts restless to belong. So they decided to count the days until they see each other again, but counting down the days seem to make the wait much longer. One day, an epiphany happened, they stopped counting and just agreed to call the big day “soon”. Soon they will unite, and maybe, just maybe, this time they aren’t afraid anymore of what they feel. Maybe this time, they will make it right with the feelings that will not die, a fire that can’t be put out.

But that wasn’t the cute story though… That was the reality that’s going on. The chatting everyday up until 3 am, the adjusting with each other’s time zones just so they could eat meals together, the virtual dates that seemed too hard to pull out. And long distance relationships seemed to be really difficult so they agreed to make believe. They agreed to pretend like they’re just living in the same city they named as Aurora (a name significant to both of them), doing different jobs, trying to date, and just trying to have normal lives. Like living in a John Green novel or in one of Harry Styles song.

Who knew that LDR could be this easy?

To be continued…

Homophobia Is Stupidly Dangerous

In the early days, I view homophobia as just a stupid stance. Now it it escalated to stupidly dangerous. I can’t fathom the fact that most people would justify the torture and killing of another human being just because they choose to love another person of the same “assigned sex”. Before we continue, let’s first discuss what I meant when I say “assigned sex”. For example, I was born a Person but because of some social conundrums that I really didn’t care much when I came out of the womb, I was assigned to be a female. Well I didn’t really have much of a choice back then because if I had, I would have chosen to be a gender-less direwolf, they’re fluffy and scary at the same time.

Anyway, I’m not just writing this article because one man armed with a powerful riffle chose to gun down more than 300 people and managed to kill 49 of them in Orlando, Florida. Or because out of 55 countries in Africa, 36 of them considers same-sex relations as illegal and punishable by death. Or because Christianism, Islamism and other religious fundamentalists considers homosexuality as immoral. But because it is in my moral stance that EVERYONE, whether your straight, homosexual, a christian, a muslim, or just a normal person who doesn’t give a s**t about all these, should have the Freedom to Live, Love, and exercise your own Rights so long as your actions would not violate that of others. And I strongly believe that your rights as a person and as a citizen of your country should be protected especially by those appointed in the government. Just recently, the boxer Manny Pacquiao was elected as a Senator, a law-maker here in the Philippines. A man who harbored support from the prejudice majority by calling gay people “worse than animals”. He even sited a bible verse to support his claims. He once said in an interview that if he will be elected, he will still stand by his religious beliefs or something like that because the government needs a “God fearing” official. Electing Manny Pacquiao for me is not just shameful, but is also detrimental to the country. How can a law-maker of this country perform effectively by basing everything on his religious beliefs when this country is consist of different people, with different religious beliefs and belongs to different groups. That will just promote inequality and oppression of others who don’t have the same belief system as his. Would he also condemn Muslims for being polygamous because their religion allows them and in the christian teachings adultery is a sin? I have nothing against the man but I’m tired of all these biblical fundamentalism used by opportunistic politicians who eats hate-filled bile statements for breakfast just to strike a popular chord. I’m tired of people who uses bible verses and their religions as a smokescreen for their own prejudices. I’m tired of people giving out damnation pamphlets saying “fags will go to hell” and preaching that god loves you and that he created you in his own image in the same breath. I really don’t think God cares if you like it up to your ass! I mean seriously people, there are more pressing issues. What about child molestation, rape, poverty, deadly diseases? Don’t you have any other outlet for your self proclaimed holiness other than the LGBTQ community?

I understand that these religious institutions won’t allow same sex marriage inside their own humble churches and I respect that. I think most people who are queer respects that too. I really don’t think that they really need a church to affirm that the Christian God, or The Islam God, or the Buddhist God, or whoever god this world has, recognizes their union.I know I don’t. All we are asking is to be recognized by the state as a couple, to have a right to own a conjugal property, or if my partner lies in the hospital bed someday, I would be able to get inside her hospital room hold her hand and say goodbye to her because I’m legally considered to be her life partner. If straight people can exercise those rights, I think it would only be fair that the queers will also be given those same rights.

All you religious fanatics, please understand that this is not about you, or your beliefs or your prejudices. All we are asking is Equal Rights for everyone, including you pricks! And I really don’t think that if you face your maker in the judgment day (assuming that is really happening), your maker would be pleased to know that you killed, or judged, or terrorized all his other creations because they’re gay, lesbians, etc. So seriously people, don’t kill other people just because you think your god as a bigger dick than others.


I’m Not Extroverted Unless I had A Few Drinks!

I am a subtle observer. I do notice what people are doing and how they’re acting when they’re around me, but they don’t usually notice that I’m noticing them. I have quite mastered that art of blending in. It’s not that I intend to spy into other people’s lives, it’s just my way of understanding things. As a result, I do have a lot of perceptions of other people and sometimes I do over-think but it usually doesn’t come out. It just stays on my mind where it’s safe unless I had a few drinks!! I do drink a lot and I’m tactful when I’m drunk. I have said a lot of things that may have hurt a lot of people, I’m not sure though, I usually forget what I’ve said after I’m sober.

I may have hurt someone the last time I was out drinking with my new beer mates. I’m quite not comfortable sharing it, but I think I said things that are really terrible to a particular individual. It wasn’t entirely my faultthough, since it wasn’t me who started it. My mistake was that I may have gone way too far with the subject.

I really don’t know where this is going or how it’s gonna end. I just want to write about it so to remind to be careful next time, especially when I’m on the influence of the alcohol that I love so much.

How To Cope With Bullies at Work

It’s been a while since I last written something. As promised, here’s my new article.

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Living My Best Life Today!

I know it took too long before I could write a follow up with my previous article “The Professional Bullies.” I’ve been really busy and preoccupied these past few days. Well as promised, I will lay down ways on how to remove or at least cope with these agonizing, pain-in-the-ass professional bullies.  These tips actually are just my personal ways of standing firm on my ground at work. I mentioned before that I’m not really bullied but it doesn’t mean no one dared. Well I work in a contact center where a lot of different personalities from almost all walks of life, what do you expect?

So, here are some ways that I find useful based from my own experience:

Be professional!

Some people at work will always find a way to intimidate you. Just keep your temper and don’t ever go down to their level. Don’t let your emotions…

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