How To Cope With Bullies at Work

It’s been a while since I last written something. As promised, here’s my new article.

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Living My Best Life Today!

I know it took too long before I could write a follow up with my previous article “The Professional Bullies.” I’ve been really busy and preoccupied these past few days. Well as promised, I will lay down ways on how to remove or at least cope with these agonizing, pain-in-the-ass professional bullies.  These tips actually are just my personal ways of standing firm on my ground at work. I mentioned before that I’m not really bullied but it doesn’t mean no one dared. Well I work in a contact center where a lot of different personalities from almost all walks of life, what do you expect?

So, here are some ways that I find useful based from my own experience:

Be professional!

Some people at work will always find a way to intimidate you. Just keep your temper and don’t ever go down to their level. Don’t let your emotions…

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